Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why is it that people can not wait to fix their cars when they have an accident. They want it fixed within a week and will pay top dollar. Now when their homes (roofs) are damaged by hail wind or rain (now remember the roof protects everything you own) this is what I hear. 1. I going to wait we might get another hail storm,
2.its not leaking yet, 3.I want my deductible covered, 4.roofing company price should be lower than the insurance "estimate". 5. Can you match this low price so I can put money in my pocket

Now check out the response

1.Why not wait to get the car fixed you might get into another accident.
2.If it leaks because you waited the insurance is not responsible for the water damage.
3.Its called "insurance fraud".
4.How can you actually believe (A)That the insurance company is not going to try and minimize their payout.
5. Why do you think living in a 250,000 - 500,000 dollar your roof should only cost $8000.00.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lets start with something is hitting the roof it's getting loud back windows sound like they may break, and the back yard is turning white. The storm has now passed you now turn to the evening news and hear that a hail storm just hit your area lots of damage car windshields are broken out all over the area. Luckly it's your day off and you car is in the garage. You go out side to check out your roof from the ground and it looks ok (wrong) you see you can not determine the extent of roof shingle damage from the ground. Because it will like it has no damage however when you get on top of the roof this is what you will see
the metal on the water heater vent is dented and on the far right corner the mushroom vent is also damaged. Look at the shingles between the heater vent and the mushroom vent the dark spots is where the hail hit the shingles tearing and and removing the granules from the shingles. You can also see dark spots at about 8- 9 o'clock from the heater vent. It is time to call your insurance carrier.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

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